A downloadable game for Windows

This is a visual novel developed  for the Babjam! written by FemSketchPad and art by Milkriot. The story revolves around Adrian, a gender-neutral protagonist, as they connect with one of two diaper-wearing girls, Nikki and Sarah.

ABDL content! Diaper girls! No music due to lack of time! Sorry! Enjoy!


Baby_Dreams-1.0-mac.zip 15 MB
Windows Version 18 MB


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Nice novel for the limited time schedule.
Though there are still some pieces of the shattered forth wall laying around ;)

Ok, there is a major bug in the script which prevents any other ending than the bad one. The order of the "points" count and the scene jumps seem to be mixed up.
And after fixing it myself I have to say it's a shame to not see the other endings <3

After the 2 girls screen there is another small bug which shows the same girl twice.... nothing important.

Unfortunately, I don't think I can fix it. I tried several times and accidentally ended up deleting the whole thing. X(

I'm sorry to have locked out the endings, but the artist will post the images used in the game on his deviantart page as soon as he touches them up a little.

Okay, I understand.

For everyone interested in a fix:
Open the file "script.rpy" (not "script.rpyc") in the game sub folder in your favourite text editor. Search for "$ points += 1" and move that lines above the lines containing "jump ...". Be sure not to change any indention or other white spaces.

If your favourite text editor is Notepad++ enable regular expression in the search/replace window and use
^(\s+jump \w+\n)(\s+\$ points \+= 1\n)
in the search field and
in the replace field. That should fix all lines :)